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Evaluations & Therapy



Evaluations begin with a conversation to understand your child's developmental history, challenges, strengths, and preferences. We then use a combination of standardized test measures, observation, and interactions through play to develop a comprehensive understanding of your child's skills.

Following the evaluation, we will review the results and our recommendations, and collaborate to develop a therapy plan that aligns with your family's values and preferences.


Therapeutic goals are then tailored to your child's individual needs.

Early Intervention

If your child is a late talker, speech therapy can help! Along with direct therapy, we use evidence-based parent coaching based on the Hanen Program (It Takes Two To Talk) to teach parents strategies to support communication within everyday routines and activities.

Early intervention is fun, informative, and recognizes parents as their child's most important teachers. 

Baby learning first words in early intervention speech therapy

Speech Therapy

Treatment of speech sound delays and disorders focuses on helping your child be understood while building their confidence in their ability to communicate. Literacy skills are also targeted in every session to promote future reading success.


Along with home practice programs, we will guide parents on how to support the practice of specific sounds between sessions to achieve quick progress and improved intelligibility.

Child in speech therapy for speech sound articulation disorder
Language Therapy
Preschool child playing in language therapy

Treatment will improve your child's comprehension skills and their ability to use words to comment, question, and engage in conversations using age-appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Social language skills are addressed as needed. Literacy skills will also be targeted in every session to promote future reading success. Parents are provided with a home program so language and literacy goals can be practiced daily to maximize progress.

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“We can’t recommend Kelly highly enough – not only was she incredible with our son during our in-person sessions, but she gave us strategies to use with him throughout the day.  His speech started to develop so quickly that we only got to work with Kelly for a few months, but that’s a testament to just how great she is!”

~ Jonathan, parent of 20-month-old

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